Campus Tiscali, curated by Gail Cochrane, Cagliari 2003


The work consists of a group of irrigators placed in the vast green area of the Tiscali Campus in Cagliari. Of variable height (from 1.8 to 9 meters), these structures are true machines composed of nozzles, rotation devices, pipes, support posts, etc; they “come alive” on a pre-set schedule to water the lawns, transforming the moment of a necessary operation into a visual event.

“The idea behind this project – the artist says – concentrates on the role of the work as a ‘useful’ instrument, in both aesthetic and ethical terms. Using materials and forms from the technical sphere of irrigation, the work sets the goal of generating ‘new visions’, while at the same time responding to a need, namely that of caring for the environment. Art is able to bring new meanings and content precisely when it assumes a hybrid position between useful and beautiful, necessary and visionary, client and artist…” Irrigatori is thus a project in which the artist places himself “at the service” of nature, in the attempt to escape from the self-referential character often found in the art system.