1997 – 2023


The artwork is made of a thin colored yarn.
The length of the yarn – and consequently the volume of the bundles – matches up with the distance between the two locations around which the action of the artwork takes place. Most of the times it is the distance between the artist place and the exhibit location or between the buyer’s house.
A caption matches each “Matassa”, like the two artworks displayed in the exhibition:
522 km: the distance between my home doorway in Milan and the Civita of Bagnoreggio bridge; 971 km from Agra to Berlin
Those titles refer to the idea of space, of its measurement, of the relation between art and life revealing, in other words, the elements of the sentimental and professional twist at the centre of the artist sentimental bundle.
The artwork – drawings and sculpture together – is the footprint of a melting pot between places and actors of the art world system, between the artist and his employer.