“Le opere e i giorni”, curated by A. Bonito Oliva, Certosa di Padula (SA), 2004

A sheet of gold 20 centimeters wide, 20 centimeters long, with a thickness of 3 millimeters, has been hidden inside the walls of this room

A sheet of gold (20 x 20 x 0.3 cm) was hidden inside the wall of a cell of the Padula Charterhouse (SA). A notarized document certifies that it was effectively placed there.

Though hidden, the work clearly alters the perception of the place, whose original atmosphere of spirituality is amplified: the viewer who as he enters the room realizes he is approaching something precious but untouchable, invisible, enigmatic, is required to make an “act of faith” with respect to the artist’s operation.

“Garutti connects his own artistic experience to the interpretation of places and situations – writes Achille Bonito Oliva, about this work – producing projects that never attempt to achieve the completeness and neutrality of the aesthetic object, but seek to disturb latent energies”. In an increasingly ubiquitous society where the specialized space of art is widespread, the artist encourages the spectator, in fact, to “take responsibility” for the gaze, to make an effort in an attempt to encounter the work.

As in other works by the artist, the intervention is suggested by the context, but it is also open to wider ranging reflections, in this case on the spread of different forms of “secular” mysticism in contemporary society – a theme that was investigated later in the work created for the SS. Pietro e Paolo church of Buonconvento (SI) and in the statue of the Madonna made for the New Church of Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI).