“Arte all’Arte 2000”, curated by R. Pinto and G. Williams, Palazzo Ciaramelli, Colle Val d’Elsa (SI), 2000

Work for the Vincenzo Bellini Chorus

The work consisted in the philological reconstruction of a 16th-century building, the home of a choral group, in Colle Val d’Elsa (SI). The renovation was done by using the entire budget made available to the artist. The facade of the restored building bears a plaque: “This building is the headquarters of Corale Vincenzo Bellini. Thanks to encounters with many citizens of Colle Val d’Elsa, I have learned that they cherish this place very much. So I have decided that my work for the city, for ‘Arte all’Arte 2000’, should take concrete form in the renovation of this neglected building. All the time and effort spent have had the ideal purpose of constructing an encounter between art and the reality of life in this city, in an attempt to touch the sensibilities of its inhabitants. This work is dedicated to them and to all those who will hear music that reaches them from this house when they pass by”.

By reactivating the facility of the Chorus, the artist has given up the opportunity to leave a recognizable sign in the urban context, opting instead for a work that is “useful” to the community with which he has come into contact. “I believe it is necessary for the artwork to rediscover a different dimension when it has to do with public space, weaving relations with the people who live there”, the artist says. Therefore this work addresses the “restructuring of a building that is important for the townspeople, and what interests me most is this way of working at the service of people, activating reflection on the responsibilities of the artist”.

The concert the Chorus organized spontaneously in the cathedral of the city on the day of the opening of the renovated building contributed to give closure to the methodological process of the work: the project took on the character of a gift of the artist to the citizenry, who represented by the Chorus itself then paid tribute, in turn, to the world of visual art through the art of music.