Curated by R. Selvaggio, Fondazione Teseco per l’Arte, Palazzo Cordati, Barga (LU), 1996

Work for Palazzo Cordati

After being invited to interact with the interiors of Palazzo Cordati – the home-studio of the painter Bruno Cordati, now partially a museum of his work – Garutti transformed several rooms of the building into his own private home for the duration of the show.

An integral part of the project was a text written in blue on a wall in the first room open to the public: “I have been commissioned by Gualtiero and Maria to make a work for Palazzo Cordati. The place of intervention is here on the first of the three levels that contained the museum-studio of the Novecento painter Bruno Cordati. The museum still exists, but instead of occupying all the rooms, now it has only four of them, because I have taken possession of the others, which will be my home until October. You are standing in the first room, which has become an atrium: the door on the left leads to the Cordati studio, the second to mine. The latter has been renovated to suit my needs: after having removed all the objects and paintings, and after eliminating the lighting system that was organized according to the criteria of an ‘art gallery’, I had two of the doors walled up, inserted a partition, renovated for use a bathroom that had been abandoned for years, plastered and painted the walls and the window and door frames, and restored the old terracotta flooring that had been painted over during the 1950s. Now this place is ready to be lived in, and it will be visited as one visits a private home, i.e. when I so desire, based on my moods, and the urge to invite or not to invite the people I love”.