Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin 2004


As part of the project commissioned in 2004 by the Fondazione Sandret- to Re Rebaudengo and Francesco Bonami-produced by Franco Soffiantino Art Production-the work consists of a portion of the large fence that was to encircle the gar- den opposite the Fondazione in Tu- rin. The artist’s discovery of a sign that read “Giardino Fergat” while he was surveying the site where the work was to be placed caused him to wonder about where the name came from. As Garutti worked on the information he had gathered in that very site, he discovered that something very curious had taken place there: some of the ex-workers at the abandoned Fergat factory, which had manufactured automo- bile parts, had cleared the area of weeds and brush to create a gar- den. Their reason for doing so was so that the place where people had worked for their entire lives could become a sort of refuge, a place where they and their families, as well as the people living in the area, could go to relax.

The artist’s aim was to create a work “that contains the history and the lives of the workers themselves.” To do so he extrapolated fragments of the conversations he had had with some of them, and by using a code of his own invention he translated them into the colours and shapes that make up the fence. The fence, which is generally seen as being a sign of separation between two worlds (in this case, the world of art and what lies outside it), is intended here as an element that instead of keeping things separate, joins them in order to create a relationship be- tween them