The title of the work, Sehnsucht, is a key word that embodies a typical concept of the German romantic spirit. It means desire and longing for love, nostalgia for something unobtainable, painful yearning in the search for something loved.

The two vases inhabit the exhibition space. They are both near and far; they think of each other and imagine one another yet are unable to meet. Conceived as two complementary forms, they could be perfectly coupled to make up a single form, but they live in two different places.
The work is a metaphor of art itself – it exists only in the vain and loving desire of the onlooker, in the attempt to draw closer to it – and also a little tale about meeting, about the ambiguous and undecipherable void that separates people and things.
Pink like human flesh, in their separation and distance, the pair of vases withhold a subtle suffering: the work is the immaterial presence of what is not touched, of the space between things. The silent tension between the two objects traps the whole display space.