Buchmann Gallery, Lugano, 2014


A 10 meters canvas arranged on the main wall of the gallery is rolled up over a five brass-plated aluminum rollers structure. A sequence of green, pink, light blue, yellow and grey colors is printed on the canvas. Thanks to an easy mechanism the fabric slowly moves over the rollers, allowing the chromatic surface to complete an entire rotation over the span of a day, in exactly 24 hours.
The different colors alternate over the eyes of the public as abstract landscapes or states of mind in constant and slight evolution. Conceived as a small machine with an artificial nature and an impersonal character, Untitled, 2014 has a narrative aim: it is a cold and elementary gear designed to show a sensitive worry – the incomprehensible enigma of the look. The concentration of the color scales and the possible shades generated by the artwork is in constant exchange with the conditions of light, shadow and dim-light of the room where the installation is placed. The slow movement of the color sequence can be interpreted as a silent tale of abstract spaces and places. However, it can also be considered as a sort of access to all the present moments of our life: a sort of mechanical and poetic set-up of the encounter between time and the act of looking, between memory and imagination. The artwork invites the public to take a long look at it. It will keep moving even when nobody will be in the room. At night time, some parts of the long canvas roll on the front side of the artwork never facing the daylight. Some other parts of the canvas can be observed only from the side of the machine, between reflections and color atmospheres. The work seems to recreate, carefully forcing and even thoughtlessly play the plot of the encounter between the artwork itself and the endless eyes which have already rested or soon will rest upon it. It is an object-paint to be contemplated, forgotten and to carry on gazing.