“Sound + Vision”, curated by Janus and Associazione Culturale Zerynthia, Wijnegen, Belgium, 2004

Sound + Vision

The work draws inspiration from the location, an industrial building in Wijnegen whose upper level, previously abandoned for many years, had been occupied by flocks of birds that had made it their “nest”. The artist unloaded a large quantity of bird food on the roof of the building and replaced a door leading to the roof with a pane of glass so that visitors could observe the birds, which were attracted by the food and thus returned to “inhabit” the building once more.

“While on the one hand this work represents a gesture of attention to the context and the birds that had suddenly been evicted from that place – the artist says – on the other it expresses a critical stance regarding the art system, which often pays little attention to what exists in its surroundings”.