2004 - SIENA
2007 - ANTWERP
2011 - MILAN
2012 - LONDON
2017 - LUGANO
2019 - KAUNAS
2021 - TOKYO
2023 - PESCARA

2004 – 2023

Every step I have taken in my life has led me here, now

The work is a stone set into the floor, with the engraved inscription: “Every step I have taken in my life has led me here, now”.

Shown for the first time in Siena in 2004, and later inserted in the context of the project of Pierluigi Nicolin for the Milano-Malpensa Airport in 2011, the project is addressed to all passers-by, the people in transit in the airport and its connected spaces (including rail stations in Milan and Lombardy), who can stop to read this short text on the floor. In this way, the work explores the dense network of relations each person activates with his or her own existence, suddenly revealing the complexity of experience for the spectator, underlining the value of the kinetic and potential energy enclosed in the life of each of us. This constellation of works will form a sort of map of infinite voyages, infinite existences, numberless relations, the metaphor of a complex, stratified, ubiquitous society like ours.

Every step I have taken in my life has led me here, now simultaneously conveys a sense of the site-specific and a sense of ubiquity, of micro and macro scale. “My works are designed to be inserted in a precise place – the artist continues – and at the same time they seek maximum diffusion. […] Urban planning and detail have a shared root, and I think I can state that one dimension triggers the other, and vice versa; two different approaches to space, that swap roles during the creation of the work” [Stefano Boeri, Alberto Garutti, Hans Ulrich Obrist, in Tre tentativi per un catalogo ragionato dell’opera di Alberto Garutti, Kaleidoscope Press, Milan, 2010, p. 18]. The work, then, thrives on its propagation, and for this reason it can know no limits.