“We are the Others”, curated by J. Hoet and A. Demeester, MARTa, Herford, 2001

Wir sind die Anderen

The curatorial idea of J. Hoet was to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the city, through this exhibition, of the encounter with contemporary art that would be made possible by the new museum, as yet under construction, designed by Frank Gehry.

Therefore the invited artists were asked to make a poster to be displayed around the city. Art would thus penetrate the social fabric, “displaying itself” to the citizenry as a factor with the potential to trigger new scenarios.

The work/poster shows the artist seated amidst ordinary furniture abandoned by someone, and next to an individual extraneous to the world of art, in an anonymous building he was later to purchase to make it his studio. The work is a critical and ironic look at artists and the art system.